Our Community

Soledad is a fiscally sound, safe, family-oriented community which encourages innovation and investment resulting in a high standard of living for residents, economic prosperity for businesses, and recreation opportunities.

The most important asset the community of Soledad has is its people.  Soledad is made up of an ethnically and socioeconomically diverse group of people who define the character of the community, its goals, mission, and vision through their individuality, work ethic, and commitment to their families, children, and neighbors.

Many of the members of our residential and business community have been living in this area for generations.  Our deep-rooted community provides a broad offering of street fairs, fiestas, youth development and service opportunities, parades, music festivals, farmers markets, community-sponsored youth sports opportunities, non-profit social service organizations, service clubs, and places of worship.

Soledad is a regional leader in providing outstanding services to our community through the stewardship of public assets, regional leadership, public/private partnerships, innovation, and investment.  The members of the Soledad City Council are a local and regional voice of advocacy for those who elected them to serve. The City of Soledad and the Soledad Unified School District work in tandem to provide the services and resources that residents and businesses need to live a high-quality life, focused on the core community values of safety, education, sustainable management of natural resources, access to health and wellness, and opportunities for leisure-time activities.

One point of community pride is Soledad’s parks, which are strategically placed to provide our neighborhoods with character, easy access to recreation and outdoor play, and social opportunities that support the formation of long-term community bonds.  Parks are plentiful and well-maintained, featuring play structures, stationary physical fitness equipment, walking and jogging paths, and opportunities to enjoy large swaths of open space.  Another point of pride in our schools.  Schools are well-incorporated into neighborhood design, offering families close access to the types of support that assists parents in passing on family and community values to their children.

Downtown Soledad follows the original historical pathway of El Camino Real (The Royal Road or The King’s Highway).  Our downtown is the business loop for U.S. Highway 101, connecting San Francisco and Los Angeles.  Many of our downtown storefronts maintain the original character of California’s busy highway towns of the 1920’s and 1930’s.  We’ve maintained this character while adding fresh upgrades through our downtown redevelopment program, providing for well-maintained streets, ample parking, wide sidewalks, and lush native landscaping.  Bright murals celebrating the history of the people of Soledad, dating back to its first Native American inhabitants, can be found throughout the downtown area.

To support the region’s diverse workforce, Soledad boasts some of the most affordable market-rate housing in Monterey County.  Well-planned commercial business development has provided our community with access to plentiful grocery, dining, entertainment, specialty retail, and service options that make living in Soledad more convenient than ever.

Having a National Park, a California Mission, and the Santa Lucia Highlands wine country in your backyard is pretty amazing!  Residents and visitors can stop by our Gateway to the Pinnacles Visitors Center to learn about the history of our area before taking in the majestic views, hiking, and climbing opportunities of Pinnacles National Park or visiting the historic Mission Nuestra Señora de la Soledad.  You won’t encounter overwhelming crowds or a need for a reservation at our wine tasting venues.  We’re a bit more laid back.  Residents can stop off at one of the nearby Santa Lucia Highlands wineries year-round to purchase wine directly from the winemaker.  Did you enjoy last year’s vintage of Pinot Noir or Chardonnay?  In Soledad, you’re just minutes away from picking up this year’s vintage from close to thirteen wineries as you sample the nuanced differences that are uniquely defined by each year’s sun, wind, and rain.

We believe that Soledad is a great place to visit, own a business, and call home.  We think you will too!