Government Representatives

Federal Legislators

Donald Trump photo

Donald Trump, President (R)
Phone: 202-456-1111
Email: Contact page
Website: Homepage

Mike Pence photo

Mike Pence, Vice President (R)
Phone: 202-456-7000
Email: Contact page
Website: Homepage

State Legislators

Anthony Cannella

Anthony Cannella, CA Senator for district 12 (R)
Phone: 831-769-8040
Website: Homepage

Anna M. Caballero

Anna M. Caballero, CA Assemblymember for district 30 (D)
Phone: 916-319-2030
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The Young Legislators Program

The Young Legislators Program provides high school students in the 30th Assembly District the unique opportunity to learn about California government and the legislative process, while also preparing local youth to become leaders in their communities.