Report Code Violation

Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Division is responsible for the enforcement of certain health and safety regulations as well as the ongoing maintenance and consistent use of property throughout the City through the education and enforcement of maintenance codes, inoperative vehicle abatement, and zoning codes which regulate land use, signs, and development standards. Code Enforcement also assists Animal Control, Fire, Police, Building, and planning departments in the interpretation and enforcement of Soledad municipal codes.


Once a complaint is received, we will review the allegations and schedule an inspection of the site to verify any violations. The appropriate City Department staff may be consulted regarding the type of violation. When it is determined that a violation exists, the City will notify the property owner of the violations in writing and try to achieve voluntary compliance in a reasonable timeframe to correct the problem. If voluntary compliance cannot be achieved, the City retains the ability to, with possible fines, issue formal citations.

If you have concerns regarding the following,
please submit a Citizen Inquiry Form:

  • Converted Garages or Rooms
  • Buildings without a permit
  • Fence Heights
  • Construction Noise
  • Over-Crowded Housing
  • Sub-Standard Housing
  •  Sign Ordinance Violations

Other Possible Violations

  • Complaints concerning abandoned vehicles on city streets should be directed to the Police Department.
  • Complaints regarding illegal dumping into the city’s storm drain/sewer system should be directed to the Public Works Department.