Public Works

The Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining the city’s infrastructure, including streets and sidewalks, public parks, right-of-way landscaping, community facilities, traffic signals, streetlights, the storm drain system, and the city’s fleet of emergency and non-emergency vehicles and equipment. Other services include providing utility services (water and sewer), administration of garbage services, graffiti abatement, and emergency response support to the Fire and Police departments.

The Department consists of six divisions.

(831) 223-5180
(831) 678-3965

Quick Links

The Public Works Repair Request Form

Please fill out the smart form, then you may either email the completed form to or bring it in to the office in person.

Service Requests

To report problems related to the following for response during normal business hours, please call (831) 223-5180 or submit an online request for graffiti, street lights, traffic hazards, park maintenance issues, right-of-way landscaping or irrigation issues, potholes, and traffic signals or signs.

The form was submitted. Thank you!

To report problems after hours when the City is closed (nights, weekends and holidays):

  • For non-hazardous service requests that do not require immediate attention, please call our main line at (831) 223-5180 and leave a message.
  • To report a hazardous, unsanitary, or any condition that requires an immediate response, please call our non-emergency police dispatch service at (831) 755-5111.  To report a life-threatening hazardous emergency situation, please call 911.

To report stormwater violations, please call our hotline at (831) 223-5188.