City Manager’s Office

The City Manager serves as the Chief Executive Officer for the City of Soledad and as Executive Director of the Soledad Successor Agency of the Former Redevelopment Agency.  Appointed by the City Council, the City Manager is responsible for the overall administration of all City government departments and oversees the enforcement of all pertinent State/Federal laws and municipal ordinances. The City Manager is responsible for all city operations including Human Resources and the City Clerk functions. The City Manager serves as the City Clerk of the City.  The City Manager oversees the preparation of the budget and is responsible for the administration of the budget once adopted by the City Council.

248 Main St., Soledad, CA 93960
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 156, Soledad, CA 93960
(831) 223-5014
(831) 223-5091

Performance Objectives

  • Prepare and submit the annual municipal budget by or before June 30 of each year
  • Develop and implement the City’s Strategic Work Plan each year
  • Implement economic development strategies
  • Keep the City Council informed on the fiscal conditions of the City of Soledad
  • Continuous evaluation of efficiencies and effectiveness