Our City

The City of Soledad continues to be a model of economic vitality and resilience through the implementation of infrastructure improvements to city parks, roads, schools, and water treatment systems.  Renewable energy, water reclamation, and downtown revitalization are at the heart of our mission to provide a sustainable future for our residents, businesses, and visitors.

Since the early 2000’s, the City of Soledad has played a major role in fostering and increasing much-needed units of affordable housing to support the diverse needs of Monterey County’s growing workforce.  Since 2015, the city has been working closely with developers to add single family and multi-family housing to areas approved for development before 2008.  This housing development boom is increasing economic development opportunities for small businesses, franchise businesses, service providers, medical facilities, entertainment venues, and large retailers who seek to expand to an untapped market.


    Tourism in Soledad is thriving, driven by visitor’s desires to immerse themselves in adventure and learning as close to the source as possible.  Your adventure begins at our beautiful downtown Soledad Visitors & Gateway center located adjacent to Highway 101.


      From there, history buffs and novice archeologists can stop by the downtown Soledad Historical Society museum.  Permanent and rotating exhibits bring Salinas Valley and California history alive through a diverse collection of artifacts and archives.


        Along the way to the vines and wines, La Mision de Maria Santisima, Nuestra Senora de la Soledad is an archaeological tribute to the past and the present life of missionary outposts established throughout California by Spain and the Catholic church.  These two vibrant museums extensively chronicle each of the historical eras dating back to the many and diverse tribes of native peoples who first occupied the territory.


          Aptly named the “Vineyard Venture,” wine tourism on the Soledad River Road Wine corridor is like no other.  Located amongst the terraced hillside vineyards of the Santa Lucia Highlands wine growing appellation, our unique wine tourism offerings immerse visitors in a farm-to-table experience that will provide context to your knowledge of the growing and making of some of California’s most coveted wines.


            The newest park in the system, Pinnacles National Park, offers visitors breathtaking views and eco-adventures that ask the visitor to climb into millions of years of geologic history influenced by the powerful forces of volcanic activity and plate tectonics.  Visitors seeking a chance encounter with a giant of the avian world, the California condor, can learn about the conservation and restoration efforts involved in bringing back a species that was once on the brink of extinction.

            These destinations afford businesses, service providers, restaurants, and hotels new and exciting opportunities through visitor’s desires to immerse themselves for days in our one-of-a-kind tourist venues.