Maps & Directions


Downloadable Maps of the City

The following maps are published on the City’s website for the convenience of the public. The responsibility of using these maps falls to the end user.

The City of Soledad

Updated June 2007

Assessment Districts

updated March 2007

Park Areas

updated January 2008

Please contact the Public Works Department at (831) 223-5180 or for additional information.

Note from Public Works:

These are our most recent maps that were done by our GIS Tech and Engineer but both positions were cut in 2010 due to lack of funding.  Brent is trying to find funding for some GIS work but since that would be General Fund there’s not much chance unless we get a grant to update our 10-year-old General Plan and maps.  Fortunately, the old maps still work for many things since the City Limits haven’t changed.