City of Soledad to Become Gateway of Technology in Monterey County

City to install “Integrated platform that protects City assets”

Soledad, Calif., (September 12, 2017)- In an effort to improve public safety, and the overall quality of life for residents, today, officials from the City of Soledad officially announced that they would be installing a camera and wireless network throughout the City of Soledad.

At a cost of $105,000, the network will consist of 11 new cameras being installed at all city assets, city egress/ingress, and areas deemed hot spots for crime. Additionally, the cameras will be fully integrated with the City’s existing cameras at City Hall and the Police Department.

“This technology allows us the opportunity to play a proactive role in preventing crime in our community,” said Michael McHatten, City Manager, City of Soledad. “In suppressing crime, we are making sure that our residents are able to freely enjoy everything that makes Soledad so great.”

Already one of the safest cities in the nation, Soledad has a history of leading the region when it comes to public safety and community policing.

“Our ability to keep our community safe is one of the largest reasons why we have been able to receive so much investment from outside industries, including tourists,” said Fred Ledesma, Mayor, City of Soledad. “As the Gateway to the Pinnacles, we have a responsibility, not only to our residents, but to the countless tourists that spend time in our beautiful community.”

About the City of Soledad: Widely known as being the Gateway to the Pinnacles, the City of Soledad is located in the center of the Salinas Valley, adjacent to US 101 between
the beautiful Santa Lucia Mountains to the west and the picturesque Gabilan Mountains to the east. Visitors can explore nearby Pinnacles National Park, with its world-class hiking and rock- climbing and views of the majestic California condors. Soledad is also home to a booming agricultural community, with fields of lettuce, broccoli and asparagus, as well as some of the finest wine grapes in the world. Its burgeoning local wine region was named by Wine Enthusiast magazine as one of the top ten best wine travel destinations in the world. For more information, visit

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