Business Licenses

Having current and relevant information about local businesses helps fuel economic development in the City – including the ability to attract more high quality, good-paying jobs. Economic growth is good for everyone – existing residents, new residents, and businesses in general. Gathering information about who’s doing business in Soledad and where is also an important public safety and planning tool. It helps the Community and Economic Development Department consider new zoning, and helps the Police and Fire Departments address potential issues in advance.

The most effective way for a City to gather information about businesses is through a business license program. For Soledad, the time for such a program is now.

Most businesses in Soledad need to apply for a business license and pay the applicable Business License Tax Fee. Pursuant to SB 1186 effective 1/1/18, an additional $4.00 fee is added to the Business License Tax fee. Business License Tax Fees are based on the anticipated gross sales for each Fiscal Year.

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