Building Permits

We encourage you to call or visit us at the Building & Safety Division before you submit your Building Permit Application. We will answer your questions and let you know if your proposed project is within the City’s development guidelines.

You may be referred to other staff members to determine if your project will require any Planning approvals before you can apply for a Building Permit. Approval may require action by staff, the Architectural Review Committee, the Planning Commission or the City Council.

If your project requires Planning approval, you must file a Planning Application and pay required fees. Those fees are separate from the Building Permit fees. Required planning approvals must be granted before you are allowed to apply for a Building Permit.

Our Staff may also have you discuss your project with the Public Works Department, the Fire Department or the Monterey County Health Department to determine if there will be any special requirements. Staff may suggest ideas to make the Building Permit process easier for you.  Asking us questions early in the process may save you time.

Downloadable Information and Documents