Public Notices

Application for Appointment

Transportation Agency for Monterey County Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Advisory Committee

Public Hearing

A recommendation from the Planning Commission to the City Council of the following requests by Andalucia LTD and HMBY LTD and Nader Agha for 647 acres located contiguously to the north and west city limit of the City of Soledad, CA

Summary of Ordinance No.719

Establishing a Temporary Moratorium on H-2A Worker Housing

Monterey Bay Aquarium LOCALS ONLY

Community Open House
Dec. 1–9 (Sat.–Sun.) 10 a.m.–5 p.m.

Tri-county residents enjoy free admission during our annual Community Open House. Visitors must present a photo ID (student IDs also accepted) or proof of residence, such as a current utility bill, at the Main Entrance.

Los residentes del condado de Monterey, Santa Cruz y San Benito pueden disfrutar de admisión gratuita durante nuestra semana comunitaria. Muestra tu identificación con residencia actual. La Matricula Consular se acepta. Estaremos ofreciendo programas bilingües ambos fines de semana.

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