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Application for Appointment

Transportation Agency for Monterey County Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Advisory Committee

Measure “Y” Citizens Oversight Committee & Budget Review

Filing Deadline: January 31, 2019

Public Review Draft

City of Soledad
December 2018 Public Draft

Parks & Rec Committee Member Application

The City Council of the City of Soledad is accepting applications from residents to serve on the City’s Parks and Recreation Committee. Committee Members must reside within the City. Completed applications will be accepted until the position has been filled.

HEAP home energy assistance program

As winter finally takes hold, thermostats are set higher and home heaters are back to spinning the electric and gas meter wheels faster and faster. For low-income people, winter energy costs can take up a large part of their income. For those that are elderly, their frugal nature may keep them from touching that thermostat and it may result in a life-threatening sickness. In homes with infants, the sick, or the disabled, winter energy payments may take the place of food, medicine or healthcare.

A little-known program exists to help low-income people in tough energy situations receive assistance in paying utility bills. It’s the federal Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, mostly referred to as HEAP.

If you find yourself in a pinch to pay for utility bills (or know someone who is) please connect with the nonprofit Central Coast Energy Services to find out if you qualify for this energy assistance program.
Applicants can call 1-888-728-3637 to be sent an application.

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