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Posted on: April 25, 2017


The City works in partnership with developers to encourage local investment – Since being declared the “Gateway to the Pinnacles”, Soledad city officials have been focused on creating an environment where capital is injected into the local economy via tourism and local investment.

With tourism steadily climbing, on the investment side, the result has been an increase in applications for development within the City limits. Although an application is not a guarantee of actual construction as projects are controlled by private entities, they are an indicator of the economic possibilities identified by the private sector. Possibilities further strengthened by the City’s efforts to partner with developers in order to assist them through the navigation of the permitting process.

“Our city welcomes business opportunities with open arms, and will work to make the investor experience one that demonstrates our commitment to acts as partners,” said Fred Ledesma, Mayor, City of Soledad. “The City of Soledad is open for business.”

Late last month, a private developer closed escrow, and purchased, a 13.63-acre parcel owned by the City for $2, 400,000. Additionally, the parcel received approval from the City’s Planning Commission to allow the developer the opportunity to construct a movie complex.

“Our staff is focused on working with developers to find projects that will add to the quality of life of our residents,” said Michael McHatten, City Manager, City of Soledad. “We are committed to always thinking outside-the-box to encourage the creativity that so often is a part of outside investment.”

Partial list of projects in construction, or going through planning process:


• Benchmark Communities is over halfway through their current project, Summerfield II, with 110 residential units. 
• Benchmark Communities is actively working on annexation of the next phase of 125 units that will complete Orchard Lane all the way to Metz Road.
• Legacy Homes has built one- third of their 93-unit single-family home project, Solana.
• The ARCO/AutoZone project is near completion. 

Planning Stages

• 160 multi-family units of duplexes and fourplexes on Santa Clara Street.
• 80 multi-family units of duplexes and fourplexes on San Antonio Street.
• Re-use of the Sequoia Lumber building. 
• 96 apartment units on a 5-acre parcel located on the 500 block of Gabilan Drive. 
• 18-unit apartment/townhome project on the corner of San Vicente Drive and Vista de Soledad.

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